Crispy Egg Roll - $1.99

Crispy egg roll, filled with pork and shredded vegetables

Vegetable Spring Rolls (2) - $3.50

Crispy rolls, filled with shredded vegetables

Gyoza (6) - $6.50

Pan-fried chicken and vegetable dumplings

Edamame - $6.50

Lightly salted, boiled soybeans in a pod

Crab Rangoon (6) - $5.50

Wontons filled with imitation crab meat and cream cheese, fried until golden brown.

Beef Teriyaki (4) - $6.99

Beef on a bamboo stick, marinated in a teriyaki sauce

Chicken in Lettuce Wraps (4) - $8.99

Quickly cooked white meat chicken, sautéed with water chestnuts, mushrooms, served with cool lettuce cups

Tempura (8)

Choice of vegetables - $7.50 | Shrimp or combo - $11.99

Deep fried in our special batter.

Thai Fried Calamari - $8.99

Calamari breaded lightly, deep fried & served with Thai
special sauce.

Coconut Shrimp (6) - $9.99

Jumbo shrimp, breaded with a sweet coconut batter

Buffalo Wings (9) - $9.99

Deep fried wings, marinated in an Asian spicy sauce

Soft Shell Crab - $12.99

Soft shell crab, deep fried, served with ponzu sauce

Tuna Tataki - $10.99

Seared tuna, served over a bed of daikon radishes in ponzu sauce

Appetizer sampler - $11.99

BBQ Spare Ribs (2), Crab Rangoon (2), Vegetable Spring Rolls (2), Beef Teriyaki Sticks (2), Coconut Shrimp (2)

Chicken Satay (4) - $6.99

Marinated chicken in Thai spices, on bamboo skewers served with peanut sauce

Thai Sticks (4) - $6.99

Marinated beef in Thai spices, on bamboo skewers served with hot sauce

Fried Tofu - $6.99

Fried tofu, served with Thai special sauce

Bangkok Spring Rolls (2) - $3.50

Crispy rolls with chicken and shredded vegetables

Whether your preference is Japanese, Chinese, Hibachi, or Thai, each savory plate is passionately prepared in traditional Hibachi style table-side by our expert Hibachi chefs. You'll delight as your meal is crafted with superb showmanship and prepared exactly the way you ordered it.


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