Chef’s Specialty Boats

Chef’s Specialty Boats


Love Boat - $50.99

Serves 2 to 3

California roll, Tuna roll, Salmon roll, Double dynamite roll, 8 pieces Chef’s creation nigiri

Special Boat - $75.99

Serves 3 to 4

Alaska roll, California roll, Angel roll, Spicy tuna roll, Unakyu roll, 14 pieces Chef’s creation nigiri, 8 pieces Chef’s creation sashimi

Deluxe Boat - $99.99

Serves 4 to 5

15 pieces Chef’s creation sashimi, 14 pieces Chef’s creation Nigiri, Angel roll, Rainbow roll, choice of any 4 sushi rolls from rolled sushi.

Whether your preference is Japanese, Chinese, Hibachi, or Thai, each savory plate is passionately prepared in traditional Hibachi style table-side by our expert Hibachi chefs. You'll delight as your meal is crafted with superb showmanship and prepared exactly the way you ordered it.


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    821 3rd Ave
    Huntington, WV

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    (304) 781-2222


Monday - Thursday 10:30 am -10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday 10:30 am -11:00 pm
Sunday 12 noon - 9:30 pm